Esme Winterflood has been in the beauty industry for 7 years and found great success as an international celebrity makeup artist. She has since spent years perfecting her technique in the art of Eyelash Extensions & also offers brow shaping & waxing.

Esme was represented by a top makeup agency in London and was the in-house Eyelash and Brow guru for the exclusive Neville salon in Belgravia, London. There she gathered a loyal following of the rich and famous including Princess Marie Chantal of Greece, The Ecclestone sisters and Duffy to name a few. Esme’s services have also been feature in many publications, including British Vogue and Tatler.

The move to Los Angeles in 2011 has proved to be a great one and you can find Esme and her team at the Esme Winterflood Eyelash& Makeup Studio located at 756 Washington Blvd #B, Los Angeles, CA 90292.

In addition to offering client services, Esme is a trainer with JB Lashes and enjoys imparting her knowledge on keen, talented beauty professionals. She strives to raise the bar of expectations and standards in an otherwise unregulated industry. Her class runs one day intensive course and she offers students continual support throughout their career.

Please call Esme for a free consultation on 310.503.4945 or email on



Estrella Truglio has been working in the Beauty industry for over 10 years and has been working closely with the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio for now over 3 years.

Estrella is a brow and lash expert who has been one of the best in the industry for over ten years. Her precision and attention to detail is impeccable.

One of Estrella's best services is the "Lash Lift."  It's the low-maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions, and is less irritating for those with sensitive eyes. You do not have to wear mascara or curl your lashes for 4 to 8 weeks. The "Lash Lift" enhances your natural lashes by adding volume and length, instantly opening and lifting your face.

Estrella is also the best at Brow shaping and Eyelash extensions. Mum of two, she lives in the Valley, and when she is not with her kids she is in Brentwood with her loyal clients at the Studio!




Our Junior Lash Artist Petal has been to Beauty school with Esme and they have been friends and co-workers since then. They share the same passion for Beauty and Lashes and for being perfectionist at work!

Petal is our junior lash Artist, and offers lower introductory pricing. However, these prices will be rising soon as her skills and techniques get even better. Find her on Instagram.










nina davis

A celebrity make-up artist, Nina Davis has spent the last 20 years making her clients glow on and off screen. Driven by a passion to help others shine, Nina has become a trusted beauty and skin care expert. She will work with you to meticulously achieve your skin care goals. Her "BE STRUCK BY BEAUTY" philosophy is that facials should work for you long after you leave her studio, creating a skin that glows without make-up!

Nina's signature four-treatment series is specifically tailored to your skin’s needs. She combines gentle but powerful tools like microdermabrasion, oxygen, high-frequency and microcurrent with the best organic and medical-grade products to create lasting results. Nina does the hard work in her studio so your home skin care routine can be easy—freeing up your time and eliminating the head-scratching confusion about what product to use when.

Nina is the ultimate one-woman curator of all things beautiful. She is a trusted source who can help you look your best from head to toe and send you back into the world glowing and confident.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Nina currently resides in Marina Del Rey, CA.

"Be Struck by Beauty"

Contact NINA: or 310-751-6777 for more info and booking inquiry