Meet Renee! 

Renee Van Dohren has joined us and we are so thrilled to have her as part of our team. She joins Esme and Estrella, and together they cover shifts from Monday through Saturdays at our boutique salon in the exclusive Marina del Rey, just a few minutes from Abbot Kinney. 

Renee naturally has the same style as owner Esme and Advanced stylist, Estrella. They focus on precise application, enhancing the clients natural features using top quality lashes and glue. Below is a beautiful example of her work, giving the client drama but still creating a fluffy and soft look. 

All of their clients look for a certain level of quality for beauty services, and they cater to a lot of behind the scenes women working in the entertainment industry as well as a few high profile actresses and musicians. 

We really are excited to have Renee as part of our specialist team and look forward to you all meeting her! 

Email us at or call the salon on 424 500 2146 (please leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!) 

"Lash and Brow Restoration" Coming Soon!

Ladies, we at the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio are often asked these days about Microblading. This technique is a much less invasive procedure then the traditional permanent tattooing. The strokes are delicate and ideal for adding shape and definition to your brows without trauma to the skin. 

Over the years we have earned our place on the Westside as specialists in creating lash looks that are natural yet enhanced, comfortable and long lasting. We are really excited to offer a similar semi permanent treatment for brows, focusing on just enhancing your own shape and filling in areas where your hairs may be thinning . The two treatments will be available to purchase as a package. Keep updated with our website for offers !



The Fabulous Women's Guide Through Cancer. Welcome to the Virtual Tour!

The fabulous women’s guide through cancer

Hello friends! This is an introduction to a fabulous book for fabulous women. It was written by my friend Nicola Bourne. Nicola battled cancer and since has written a book of memoirs, stories, tips and tricks for getting through each stage of the experience.

I am so proud to be part of the book, sharing my eyelash advice for women going through the big C. So many of us have up close and personal experience of this disease yet, one can still feel so alone. This book gives comfort and hope to women and their families about how to approach the children, how to have a social life when you have no energy and the emotional effects of cancer.

My excerpt contributes to the beauty part of the book (please see below) and I shared my advice with the talented, industry famous makeup artist Tracey Gray Mann. Please read, share and enjoy. 

~ Esme Winterflood , Eyelash Specialist

For more information contact:

Facebook: nicolabournewrites      Instagram: @njbourne

" Eyelashes

For this area of expertise I reached out to Esme Winterflood who is an eyelash expert and here's what she had to say:

Losing your lashes is one of the big visual reminders of cancer, and of course it's actually the chemo that causes the hair to fall out. I have had a couple of women wanting to do lash extensions whilst they have chemo, but because the extensions are attached to the lashes themselves and not the eyelid, the extensions will simply shed with the lashes. Whilst you go through chemo, applying semi permanent strip or cluster lashes is your best option.

The good news is that once you finish treatment and your hair starts to grow again, you can do a few things. Latisse is the strongest prescription lash conditioner and although it can irritate sensitive eyes, it really works to speed up lash growth and health. I have seen amazing results! Once a clients lashes start to grow back in, we start by using very fine extensions (real mink lashes are great). By enhancing your lashes, women find they start to look like themselves again, their eyes look defined and bright and most importantly, they get their confidence back.

The lash conditioners start taking noticeable effect after about 5-6 weeks (the full length of a natural lash cycle) and we can start putting on slightly thicker or longer extensions as time goes on. After some months, I recommend the client begin using a less powerful lash conditioner and just a few times a week rather than every night. You can still apply the product on the lash line whilst wearing extensions, just not in the first 24 hours while the glue on the extensions is bonding. I usually stock Nouriche (it used to be called Revitalash) because it is slightly less powerful but still works well and if you are looking for an organic product, Lash Food is a good option.

These brands also offer brow conditioning products, so if your brows have also thinned out you can apply the brow conditioner every night (and then after 5-6 weeks go down to a few times a week). These products aren't cheap but they work amazingly!

Once your lashes are back to normal, most people like to continue with their lash extensions but you can also do a lash lift which is more low maintenance (it's like a modern day lash perm but looks much better!) or even just a lash tint.

Visit Esme's website for more information about lashes and services. "


Mink lashes are a really luxurious choice of fake lash. When minks used for lash extensions, we have found their staying power isn't always as great as synthetic silks (our favs!) because the shaft of the lash can be somewhat irregular and therefore not adhere to the natural lash as well.

BUT, if you are looking to buy a strip lash for one off occasions, then we think minks are the way to go. They might be a bit more expensive but you can peel off the glue and reuse, (be sure to keep the box they came in so they're kept clean in the mean time).

Minks- and we're talking real mink fur here- will be soft, fluttery and you'll avoid looking like daisy the cow or a drag queen. Which is fine, but it's not for us! 



Two Fab brands going through our "test bench" !

Last week Esme and her in house facialist and friend Nina Davis attended the International Spa and Esthetics trade show in Las Vegas. We wanted to do a little write up on the two skin care brands that stood out the most. Although the two brands are different in philosophy and style, we’re really impressed by elements of both of them. Enjoy! 


The Story:

Art Naturals started with a simple concept:

“Use premium organic and natural ingredients for long-term beauty resolutions.” As a local business in the organic, health conscious capital of the United States (Los Angeles) they take pride in keeping ahead of the industry with their continuous research and drive to improve. We’re always on the lookout for the latest, healthiest and most natural ingredients to combat the negative effects of external and internal factors on the hair, face, skin, nails and overall health. Their motto: “To offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results. 100% Customer Satisfaction along with 100% Money Back Guarantee”.

Cult product:

Enhanced Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid -                                                     Named by ALLURE magazine the Best Face serum under $25 !                                     Retail: $13




+ Price!!

+ You can find their products very easily online (Amazon, Groupon, etc)

+ Large variety of products from skin to hair

+ Again: Cheap and user friendly

+ The organic and eco conscious ingredients


- Some women seems to have experienced allergies (there are some very mixed reviews on )

- Legitimacy and authenticity of their R&D

- More similar to a good and accessible brand aimed at teenagers like “NIP+FAB” but not your luxury brand.


The Story:

Lucrece Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc. (LPAR) was established in San Clemente, California in 1993 by a team of professionals consisting of a dermatologist, an aesthetician and a cosmetic surgeon to develop professional skin care products for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. Those Skin Care products are formulated with scientifically tested ingredients dedicated to the latest anti-aging skincare research and development, ensuring that the products contain the most advanced ingredients and formulas available in the skincare industry.

The line was originally designed and formulated to help professional skin care specialists provide the best skincare products possible and was primarily placed in Doctors' offices in Southern California. “Patients, aestheticians and doctors formed a loyal customer base that sustained the company throughout the formative stages. Over time, word-of-mouth spread and demand grew for a more complete line of professional skin care products with wider distribution.”

Their Stem cell Technology products! (We especially loved the Stem Cell Replenishing Mask!)                                                                                                 Retail: $118                                 







+Luxury products first designed for doctors and professional skin care specialists

+Very high quality ingredients

+Very potent formulations (it’s like going to your facialist but saving the time and money)

+Stem cells technology is what is on everyone’s lips at the moment…


- Very few retailers (Only a few Medspa in L.A)

- No online store

- High price

- Not sure the quality worth the hassle of finding the products and the high price compared to a good Caudalie or Dr Brandt cream found at Nordstrom or Sephora...

"WHAT IS THE LASH LIFT?"... We hear you asking !

The lash lift is becoming very popular and is a great low maintenance alternative to extensions. It won't give you extra fullness or the ability to change the length or shape of your natural lashes, but by lifting the natural lashes up we are framing the eyes and giving them definition that otherwise, we would not be seeing.

The modern lash lift uses a soft silicone pad that we attach with a skin friendly glue to the eye lids and then we lift up the natural lashes first with a perming solution then with the setting solution. The last step is a nourishing oil to dissolve any residue glue and feed the natural lash. 

This treatment really works for people with already fabulously long lashes who want to stop using a lash curler every day. And those clients with short lashes will find the lift allows us to see what lashes they do have and will find great results combined with daily mascara. 

Addicted to Principessa! Smells and wonders...

Talitha Getty with her husband J.Paul Getty Jr. on the roof of their Ryad in Marrakesh in 1969.

As Venice Beach residents or aficionados, we know very well that we cannot stroll down Abbot Kinney without stopping by the wonderful gem of a store that is Principessa! We love investigating the new seasons clothes and jewelry, they often have a great sale rack for a cheeky purchase. The store carries a careful selection of amazing clothes, vintage items and accessories, infused by a Gypsy-deluxe Bohemian look, initiated by Talitha Getty, the famous 60's Fashion icon and wife of philanthropist and oil tycoon’s heir, J.Paul Getty.

"Essential Faith"

But one of the first reason we all fell in love with that store a few years ago is because of their astonishing choice of "Heaven" musks, made of organic essential oils, that changes your body chemistry and make people (and men) crazy!! The first we discovered was the unbelievable "Essential Faith": a petite roll-on that lasts for months and is definitely a "turns-heads"! The price at $90 and could be dissuasive, but it is a truly luxurious scent that’s worth it ! (Apparently the effect of this Musk really depends on people and you should try it on your skin first before making the big purchase).

"Tulum oil"

Principessa Venice recently introduced the "Tulum oil", a unique and magical oil from Mexico combining notes of amber, sandalwood, and Caribbean floral. Price ~$42. It is half of "Faith oil" price but for some of us who have tried both, it is half of the magic as well... Despite being also a rare and unforgettable perfume !  And we’re extra excited to have just found their new store in Paso Robles where the owner frequents and is bringing a little Abbot Kinney to wine country. Bliss!



Why see our Junior Lash artist Petal? Here is why!

  • Trained at the renown JB Lash Institute, Petal recently added the Volume training Lashes to her impressive resume. She has been a colleague of Esme’s since they trained together at beauty school.
  •  As well as being a talented Brow and Lash artist, Petal enjoys acting in theater productions and understands all the beauty tricks and tips of the "Industry".
  •  Clients love her not only for her personality but also and foremost for her amazing work. As you can see on those Before/ After pics below, she is a talented lash artist who aims for perfection.

Do not miss: Esme's weekly tutorial!

Every other week, Lash Veteran and owner of the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio will give you some tricks and tips about perfect lashes application:)

This week, she explains us why 3-D volume Lashes are so much easier and beautiful and revolutionary!

Esme talks to us while working on her 3-D Lashes:

3D volume lashes are becoming very popular and this new technique has had a big impact on the developing technology of lash extensions. Most lash techs will initially learn to pick up single .07mm diameter lashes with curved tweezers, fanning them out at the top, and coming together perfectly at the bottom. However, I found using pre made volume lashes to be far easier, helping me with a quick & perfect looking application. The resulting look for the client is exceptional fullness, while still looking soft because of the fine diameter of the extensions. This is a great way to give a client lots of volume without becoming heavy or weighing down on the natural lash.
Some more detail on the application ; It’s of course important to pick up the 3D cluster so it’s angle is at ‘12 o’clock’ i.e. facing straight up towards you. Swiping the shaft in the glue, you don’t want to get a small bobble at the end like classic extensions. When you apply to the natural lash, I will apply straight on top or underneath depending on how the natural lash is situated. This differs to classic extensions where you ideally apply the extension to the side of the natural lash. This will allow the 3D lashes to lay properly and perfectly together, without dropping or twisting.
— Esme Winterflood, Lash Artist and Studio owner.

Why Esme loves Nouriche!

Esme and her team have been advising their clients for years to use Nouriche! A luxurious serum for your lashes.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Enhances the look of your Lashes so they appear lush and luxurious.
  • Saturated with powerful conditioners.
  • Helps provide the appearance of stronger, shinier-looking lashes.
  • Gingko Biloba helps protect lashes against environmental stresses.
  • Precision applicator.

Nouriche Eyelash Conditioners are on sale at the Studio! And for every product buy, you get a free Hi-Def Tinted Brow gel from Revitalash Cosmetics!

For sale online very soon! Stay tuned:)

Welcome to London-Town!


What's best than LondonTown for the Holidays!!
As we all know, Esme is the more British of the Brits! As a matter of fact, she enjoys coming back to her roots with her husband and baby as often as she can!
Her most recent trip was this last holiday season, and we are not going to lie: London and its beautiful countryside area are the absolute best around Christmas time!

Here are a few tips from Esme about what she likes to do (and what her fabulous clients should do when they come visit;):

  • In Amy's Winehouse footsteps: the most famous and talented British singer left us heartbroken in 2011 , and Esme loves to visit Camden town, as they were neighbors for a few years!


  • Esme loves sauntering around with baby Freddy the beautiful Suffolk Gardens in the green and elegant English Countryside :)
Suffolk Gardens

Suffolk Gardens

  • Another of Esme's favorite pass-time when she come visits her gorgeous homeland is to walk around the Thames and stare at this unreal sunset over TowerBridge!
Sunset over Tower Bridge

Sunset over Tower Bridge

Lauren, our manager and assistant, spent a couple of years in London as well, in her early twenties, and seeing Esme going back there often definitely gets her nostalgia (and envy) level very high!

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

  • She remembers particularly her days walking by the Thames river from Waterloo Station, where she used to live, to either the lively and touristy Covent Garden, or to the Tate Modern, one of the most famous museum that contains one of the richest collection of Modern art in the world. One can lingers there for an entire day and finish on the Millenium Bridge admiring St Paul Cathedral.
  • Of course, the last but not the least: Christmas shopping in LONDON! On top of having the most fashionable stores, boutiques, and Vintage markets, the infamous Brit Capital enchants us with Holiday lights that will blow your mind and put you right away in a Christmas spirit! (Special Mention to Lauren's favorite hang out: Oxford Street :)

What to do with your kiddos this Summer in L.A?


Family Art Stops at GETTY CENTER

When? Wednesdays - Fridays, through August 28, at 11:30 am

Where? Museum Galleries

Price: Free | No ticket required

 Get up close and personal with a single work of art at this half-hour, hands-on gallery experience geared toward families with children ages 5 and up. Sign-up begins at 11:00 a.m. at the Information Desk.

SAMO Kids Club

when? First Wedesday of the month

where? Westside, Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, Ca

cost? Free

ages? 2-6

Santa Monica Place Kids Club takes place the first Wednesday of the month, with host Miss Claire, who entertains and educates kids with a mix of puppet time, music time, story time and crafting fun.

Huntington Garden and Library

when: First day of the month

where: Huntington Library and Gardens, 1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino, Ca

cost: Free

ages: All Ages

One of the most beautiful spots in the State is right in our backyard, at the Huntington Gardens & Library.  It’s got a fabulous (and wet!) kids area, beautiful gardens for strolling through, a tasty tea house, an world class art collection – in short, it’s a perfect place to spend the day  exploring with kids.


Friday Night Jazz at LACMA

when: Fridays through Sep 25

where: Miracle Mile, LACMA, 5900 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca

cost: Free

ages: All Ages

Don’t forget blankets, sweaters, chairs and a picnic to while you lounge on the grass and listen to the jazz…and arrive early!


Play Dates for Kids at the Mall

when: every Thursday at 11 a.m. to noon

where: Westfield Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Century City, Ca

cost: Free

ages: All Ages

Playdates are at a new time near Giggles ‘N Hugs.  Bring the kids for weekly, free loads of fun with balloon animals, face painting, arts and crafts and so much more


Summer Fun at the Norton Simon

when: every Thursday at 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

where: Norton Simon Museum, 411 West Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, Ca

cost: $12 Adults, Kids Free

ages: 5-12

The Norton Simon’s Thursday Summer Fun series allows kids – with the help of an educator – to discover the museum’s paintings, sculptures or prints during themed afternoons, and the get hands-on to create original artwork.

Let us your comments and share with us the cool things to see, eat, make and do with your kids in your neighborhood this summer!!

Forget mascara, get a Lash Lift!

You think Lash Extensions maybe be too high maintenance for you? You should try a Lash Lift !

What is it exactly?

  • Technique that uses your natural lashes to make them look longer and thicker.
  • Lift your lashes from the lash line.
  • 45 min/ 1hr treatment.
  • A modern day take on the Lash Perm.
  • Lasting 5-6 weeks, this is a fabulous low maintenance alternative to extensions

Our tip: Add on to your Lash lift treatment a Lash tint for an even better looking result!

BOOK now with Esme or Estrella:)

They are Ub-Sessed with us:)

The wonderful people at FAB FIT FUN, a fabulous online magazine that gives readers the latest and greatest in beauty, wellness, health, fitness, and fashion, have shown their love for The Esme Winterflood Lash Studio and we love them back!

Check their article below;)