What to do if you can't get your lash extensions this month?

A Lash serum on trial

So imagine you are away for the Summer and don't want to trust anybody else than Esme and her team to treat your lashes (as you should;) or that you just can't afford the maintenance anymore for a few months? We tried for you The Lash Boosting Serum from L'Oreal, the cheapest one on the market with an overall good users 'reviews.


  •  Strengthen your lashes
  • Protect them
  • Make them look fuller
  • Cheap, you can restock easily 


  • You have to apply the serum religiously twice or more /day to see any results
  • The product is kind of gluey and you need to brush your lashes afterward to separate them
  • No dramatic grow in length noticed after a week

Verdict: Good for an everyday boost and make them healthier, good if your lashes have been fallen out or became shorter after years of extensions but definitely not a replacement for your traditional eyelash extensions!

If you want to try a good serum, we offer LashFood at the Salon =) Ask us for a sample!