And if you had sensitive eyes?

This happens rarely, but it can happen. Sometimes clients might have one session where their eyes water, or they get an itchy lash line after application. It's sensible for long term lash clients to keep some saline solution at home (you can get from CVS) and delicately wipe along the lash line with lint free micro fiber brushes (you can BUY from the Esme Winterflood Lash studio). You can do this once you get home and before bed.
If your eyes are suddenly watery during application, please ask for some air on your lashes- our little 'puffer' blows the fumes away and our new Nano- Mister spray helps the glue cure at a much faster rate so should prevent any irritation from the glue there after.

sensitive glue

The next type of reaction is when a client gets really puffy eye lids, this is a bit more serious and will need a steroid ointment that is prescribed by your Dr. This is a type of contact dermatitis that can happen randomly but doesn't mean you have to stop the luxury of having your lashes.  It seems that this topical ointment really does prevent any swelling and irritation. Yay!

Remember we always carry a sensitive glue for clients. This glues holding power is less strong than our Mega Glue, but prevents watery eyes and still does a good job.