What If you became a lash addict? (and You won't need Rehab;)

The first time, well you just wanted to try something new, like you try sometimes a new haircut or a new lipstick color… you didn’t know yet what troubles you were getting into!
You didn’t know that you were gonna starve it and become... a real addict!

lash addiction

There was this month when you couldn’t get your fix either because your lash stylist went on vacation or you were on short on budget or you went away...

And then you realized that you just didn’t want to get out of bed without them…

Then you realized that you wouldn’t accept to go out to the club with your friends without having some on…

Then you realized you couldn't accept that date with that cute guy you met the other night because something is missing in your eyes…

Then you put your brand new outfit on…and realized that something is definitely missing for this to be a Hot-Fit!

Then you realized you might look a bit older and tired without that mascara and smokey eyeshadow on...while you never thought this way about yourself before…when you had them on…

Yes. You are addicted. But let us tell you,  it’s a good thing=)


  • It doesn’t damage your natural lashes at all, contrary to some gel manicures, plucking your brows (if done like a maniac by yourself and not by a pro ^^ ) and straightening your hair everyday, etc… You know what we mean.
  • It makes you feel ready to go out all the time and so why not? Single, married or stay at home mom, whoever you are, you know we all love that feeling of looking "Red carpet-Ready" or “Selfie-Ready" at any moment.
  • It makes you feel refreshed or should I stay younger? Its gives us a time machine for at least 5 years (if not more) than our official ID…And lets be honest, its more budget friendly than Botox or any Filler and the result is much more natural =)
  • It gives us a break on our make-up budget…No more expensive Dior or Chanel mascara needed..Eyeshadow? eh, why not on the weekend but our glamorous eyes don’t need much more anymore on the every day basis
  • It makes you feel more confident and sexy and younger and healthy…so seriously…What else!?
beautiful lashes

Let us know your own experience about Eyelash Extensions addiction and how you deal with it! ( and the relapses!=)