Pregnancy and Lash Extensions?

We say : Yes absolutely!

You can get you eyelashes done until your due date without having any concerns. There are nothing in the glue we use or the lashes that could be harmful to you or your baby.

During treatment, you can lay on the side with a pregnancy pillow. We recommend session of one hour maximum. It is not a medical advice and if you have any worries or questions, we advise you to get a note from your doctor.

Why getting your lashes while pregnant is actually a great idea?

Lash Extensions and Pregnancy
  • Sometimes during pregnancy, you happen to be exhausted and feel heavy and unattractive... well with your beautiful lashes on you will look fabulous until the due date:)
  • You will be ready for the first baby and mommy pictures! Without worrying too much about make-up..and that's priceless!