We tried the Haus of Faces for you!


So, we were wandering on 3rd St the other evening and decided to book a facial appointment at this new gem everybody is talking about: "Face Haus" , whom first location in Studio City became a huge success ! They just opened a shop in West Hollywood and we couldn't help it but to go and try for you.

Surfing on the "Blow Dry bar" concept of Cheap/ Quick/ Now, we were skeptical about the place at first, but ended up very satisfied:)

All the facials last 30 min and cost $45 and you can also ask for special $10 extra add-ons (De-puff eyes, Extra-extractions, and more... but honestly just stick to their short but cool menu ...we tried the special "eyes add-on" = not worth it)


  • Open space, no intimacy like you might be used to at your usual facial/ Spa space.
  • No LEd-light, Micro-derm or any other special fancy treatments your "monthly facialist" is able to provide to you.
  • Its quick, you are not here to relax/ fall asleep!
  • They might try to sell you products/special packages at the end (but they weren't pushy with us, so no biggie)


  • So convenient for last minute date/ event!
  • Super fast- Easy booking via their Website or Yelp or even on the phone (we were so close to their closing time-8 pm- that we had to call but the front desk girl hooked us right away)
  • A very concise and exhaustive menu list!
  • Sweet and very hard working talented facialists (mine told me she was working 7 days/ week on her feet delivering facials for 10 hours/ day but trust me she was still very thoughtful and precise)
  • They use Eminence, an Handmade and Organic Skincare from Europe for their products, and we, at the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio, absolutely endorse European way of thinking Beauty:)


Face Haus

8377 W 3rd St

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(855) 550-4287