Why Lash Extensions are the best Mother's Day Gift idea ever?

New mom or older one, they all deserved to be spoiled! They have been working hard for us all their life so our duty is to make them happy:) And what is better than making them feel better about themselves and their look ?

Here are the reasons why we think Eyelash Extension /Brow treatments are the best way to show them our appreciation:

Betty Boop
  • It make them feel and look younger! And it's what we all want them to feel...

  • It gives them the confidence they need to wake up every morning and be the strong working mum they are.

  • They can still amazed their man with their effortless pin-up look:) They are always date ready!

  • The first thing men look at women is their eyes...

  • They usually don't have time to put make up on every morning and Lashes are the best natural way to get the  "I woke up like this"  look. No more mascara or eyeshadow needed..No more hassle.

  • It's a good way for them to get some well- deserved "Me" time every month.

  • Who hasn't dreamed to look as Glamorous as Jessica Lange, actress, mum of 3, foster parent, model for Marc Jacobs at 66....:)