Welcome to London-Town!


What's best than LondonTown for the Holidays!!
As we all know, Esme is the more British of the Brits! As a matter of fact, she enjoys coming back to her roots with her husband and baby as often as she can!
Her most recent trip was this last holiday season, and we are not going to lie: London and its beautiful countryside area are the absolute best around Christmas time!

Here are a few tips from Esme about what she likes to do (and what her fabulous clients should do when they come visit;):

  • In Amy's Winehouse footsteps: the most famous and talented British singer left us heartbroken in 2011 , and Esme loves to visit Camden town, as they were neighbors for a few years!


  • Esme loves sauntering around with baby Freddy the beautiful Suffolk Gardens in the green and elegant English Countryside :)
Suffolk Gardens

Suffolk Gardens

  • Another of Esme's favorite pass-time when she come visits her gorgeous homeland is to walk around the Thames and stare at this unreal sunset over TowerBridge!
Sunset over Tower Bridge

Sunset over Tower Bridge

Lauren, our manager and assistant, spent a couple of years in London as well, in her early twenties, and seeing Esme going back there often definitely gets her nostalgia (and envy) level very high!

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

  • She remembers particularly her days walking by the Thames river from Waterloo Station, where she used to live, to either the lively and touristy Covent Garden, or to the Tate Modern, one of the most famous museum that contains one of the richest collection of Modern art in the world. One can lingers there for an entire day and finish on the Millenium Bridge admiring St Paul Cathedral.
  • Of course, the last but not the least: Christmas shopping in LONDON! On top of having the most fashionable stores, boutiques, and Vintage markets, the infamous Brit Capital enchants us with Holiday lights that will blow your mind and put you right away in a Christmas spirit! (Special Mention to Lauren's favorite hang out: Oxford Street :)