Addicted to Principessa! Smells and wonders...

Talitha Getty with her husband J.Paul Getty Jr. on the roof of their Ryad in Marrakesh in 1969.

As Venice Beach residents or aficionados, we know very well that we cannot stroll down Abbot Kinney without stopping by the wonderful gem of a store that is Principessa! We love investigating the new seasons clothes and jewelry, they often have a great sale rack for a cheeky purchase. The store carries a careful selection of amazing clothes, vintage items and accessories, infused by a Gypsy-deluxe Bohemian look, initiated by Talitha Getty, the famous 60's Fashion icon and wife of philanthropist and oil tycoon’s heir, J.Paul Getty.

"Essential Faith"

But one of the first reason we all fell in love with that store a few years ago is because of their astonishing choice of "Heaven" musks, made of organic essential oils, that changes your body chemistry and make people (and men) crazy!! The first we discovered was the unbelievable "Essential Faith": a petite roll-on that lasts for months and is definitely a "turns-heads"! The price at $90 and could be dissuasive, but it is a truly luxurious scent that’s worth it ! (Apparently the effect of this Musk really depends on people and you should try it on your skin first before making the big purchase).

"Tulum oil"

Principessa Venice recently introduced the "Tulum oil", a unique and magical oil from Mexico combining notes of amber, sandalwood, and Caribbean floral. Price ~$42. It is half of "Faith oil" price but for some of us who have tried both, it is half of the magic as well... Despite being also a rare and unforgettable perfume !  And we’re extra excited to have just found their new store in Paso Robles where the owner frequents and is bringing a little Abbot Kinney to wine country. Bliss!