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Every other week, Lash Veteran and owner of the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio will give you some tricks and tips about perfect lashes application:)

This week, she explains us why 3-D volume Lashes are so much easier and beautiful and revolutionary!

Esme talks to us while working on her 3-D Lashes:

3D volume lashes are becoming very popular and this new technique has had a big impact on the developing technology of lash extensions. Most lash techs will initially learn to pick up single .07mm diameter lashes with curved tweezers, fanning them out at the top, and coming together perfectly at the bottom. However, I found using pre made volume lashes to be far easier, helping me with a quick & perfect looking application. The resulting look for the client is exceptional fullness, while still looking soft because of the fine diameter of the extensions. This is a great way to give a client lots of volume without becoming heavy or weighing down on the natural lash.
Some more detail on the application ; It’s of course important to pick up the 3D cluster so it’s angle is at ‘12 o’clock’ i.e. facing straight up towards you. Swiping the shaft in the glue, you don’t want to get a small bobble at the end like classic extensions. When you apply to the natural lash, I will apply straight on top or underneath depending on how the natural lash is situated. This differs to classic extensions where you ideally apply the extension to the side of the natural lash. This will allow the 3D lashes to lay properly and perfectly together, without dropping or twisting.
— Esme Winterflood, Lash Artist and Studio owner.