"WHAT IS THE LASH LIFT?"... We hear you asking !

The lash lift is becoming very popular and is a great low maintenance alternative to extensions. It won't give you extra fullness or the ability to change the length or shape of your natural lashes, but by lifting the natural lashes up we are framing the eyes and giving them definition that otherwise, we would not be seeing.

The modern lash lift uses a soft silicone pad that we attach with a skin friendly glue to the eye lids and then we lift up the natural lashes first with a perming solution then with the setting solution. The last step is a nourishing oil to dissolve any residue glue and feed the natural lash. 

This treatment really works for people with already fabulously long lashes who want to stop using a lash curler every day. And those clients with short lashes will find the lift allows us to see what lashes they do have and will find great results combined with daily mascara.