Two Fab brands going through our "test bench" !

Last week Esme and her in house facialist and friend Nina Davis attended the International Spa and Esthetics trade show in Las Vegas. We wanted to do a little write up on the two skin care brands that stood out the most. Although the two brands are different in philosophy and style, we’re really impressed by elements of both of them. Enjoy! 


The Story:

Art Naturals started with a simple concept:

“Use premium organic and natural ingredients for long-term beauty resolutions.” As a local business in the organic, health conscious capital of the United States (Los Angeles) they take pride in keeping ahead of the industry with their continuous research and drive to improve. We’re always on the lookout for the latest, healthiest and most natural ingredients to combat the negative effects of external and internal factors on the hair, face, skin, nails and overall health. Their motto: “To offer quality, natural products with exceptional beauty results. 100% Customer Satisfaction along with 100% Money Back Guarantee”.

Cult product:

Enhanced Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid -                                                     Named by ALLURE magazine the Best Face serum under $25 !                                     Retail: $13




+ Price!!

+ You can find their products very easily online (Amazon, Groupon, etc)

+ Large variety of products from skin to hair

+ Again: Cheap and user friendly

+ The organic and eco conscious ingredients


- Some women seems to have experienced allergies (there are some very mixed reviews on )

- Legitimacy and authenticity of their R&D

- More similar to a good and accessible brand aimed at teenagers like “NIP+FAB” but not your luxury brand.


The Story:

Lucrece Physicians’ Aesthetic Research, Inc. (LPAR) was established in San Clemente, California in 1993 by a team of professionals consisting of a dermatologist, an aesthetician and a cosmetic surgeon to develop professional skin care products for anti-aging and hyperpigmentation. Those Skin Care products are formulated with scientifically tested ingredients dedicated to the latest anti-aging skincare research and development, ensuring that the products contain the most advanced ingredients and formulas available in the skincare industry.

The line was originally designed and formulated to help professional skin care specialists provide the best skincare products possible and was primarily placed in Doctors' offices in Southern California. “Patients, aestheticians and doctors formed a loyal customer base that sustained the company throughout the formative stages. Over time, word-of-mouth spread and demand grew for a more complete line of professional skin care products with wider distribution.”

Their Stem cell Technology products! (We especially loved the Stem Cell Replenishing Mask!)                                                                                                 Retail: $118                                 







+Luxury products first designed for doctors and professional skin care specialists

+Very high quality ingredients

+Very potent formulations (it’s like going to your facialist but saving the time and money)

+Stem cells technology is what is on everyone’s lips at the moment…


- Very few retailers (Only a few Medspa in L.A)

- No online store

- High price

- Not sure the quality worth the hassle of finding the products and the high price compared to a good Caudalie or Dr Brandt cream found at Nordstrom or Sephora...