The Fabulous Women's Guide Through Cancer. Welcome to the Virtual Tour!

The fabulous women’s guide through cancer

Hello friends! This is an introduction to a fabulous book for fabulous women. It was written by my friend Nicola Bourne. Nicola battled cancer and since has written a book of memoirs, stories, tips and tricks for getting through each stage of the experience.

I am so proud to be part of the book, sharing my eyelash advice for women going through the big C. So many of us have up close and personal experience of this disease yet, one can still feel so alone. This book gives comfort and hope to women and their families about how to approach the children, how to have a social life when you have no energy and the emotional effects of cancer.

My excerpt contributes to the beauty part of the book (please see below) and I shared my advice with the talented, industry famous makeup artist Tracey Gray Mann. Please read, share and enjoy. 

~ Esme Winterflood , Eyelash Specialist

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" Eyelashes

For this area of expertise I reached out to Esme Winterflood who is an eyelash expert and here's what she had to say:

Losing your lashes is one of the big visual reminders of cancer, and of course it's actually the chemo that causes the hair to fall out. I have had a couple of women wanting to do lash extensions whilst they have chemo, but because the extensions are attached to the lashes themselves and not the eyelid, the extensions will simply shed with the lashes. Whilst you go through chemo, applying semi permanent strip or cluster lashes is your best option.

The good news is that once you finish treatment and your hair starts to grow again, you can do a few things. Latisse is the strongest prescription lash conditioner and although it can irritate sensitive eyes, it really works to speed up lash growth and health. I have seen amazing results! Once a clients lashes start to grow back in, we start by using very fine extensions (real mink lashes are great). By enhancing your lashes, women find they start to look like themselves again, their eyes look defined and bright and most importantly, they get their confidence back.

The lash conditioners start taking noticeable effect after about 5-6 weeks (the full length of a natural lash cycle) and we can start putting on slightly thicker or longer extensions as time goes on. After some months, I recommend the client begin using a less powerful lash conditioner and just a few times a week rather than every night. You can still apply the product on the lash line whilst wearing extensions, just not in the first 24 hours while the glue on the extensions is bonding. I usually stock Nouriche (it used to be called Revitalash) because it is slightly less powerful but still works well and if you are looking for an organic product, Lash Food is a good option.

These brands also offer brow conditioning products, so if your brows have also thinned out you can apply the brow conditioner every night (and then after 5-6 weeks go down to a few times a week). These products aren't cheap but they work amazingly!

Once your lashes are back to normal, most people like to continue with their lash extensions but you can also do a lash lift which is more low maintenance (it's like a modern day lash perm but looks much better!) or even just a lash tint.

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