We tried the Haus of Faces for you!


So, we were wandering on 3rd St the other evening and decided to book a facial appointment at this new gem everybody is talking about: "Face Haus" , whom first location in Studio City became a huge success ! They just opened a shop in West Hollywood and we couldn't help it but to go and try for you.

Surfing on the "Blow Dry bar" concept of Cheap/ Quick/ Now, we were skeptical about the place at first, but ended up very satisfied:)

All the facials last 30 min and cost $45 and you can also ask for special $10 extra add-ons (De-puff eyes, Extra-extractions, and more... but honestly just stick to their short but cool menu ...we tried the special "eyes add-on" = not worth it)


  • Open space, no intimacy like you might be used to at your usual facial/ Spa space.
  • No LEd-light, Micro-derm or any other special fancy treatments your "monthly facialist" is able to provide to you.
  • Its quick, you are not here to relax/ fall asleep!
  • They might try to sell you products/special packages at the end (but they weren't pushy with us, so no biggie)


  • So convenient for last minute date/ event!
  • Super fast- Easy booking via their Website or Yelp or even on the phone (we were so close to their closing time-8 pm- that we had to call but the front desk girl hooked us right away)
  • A very concise and exhaustive menu list!
  • Sweet and very hard working talented facialists (mine told me she was working 7 days/ week on her feet delivering facials for 10 hours/ day but trust me she was still very thoughtful and precise)
  • They use Eminence, an Handmade and Organic Skincare from Europe for their products, and we, at the Esme Winterflood Lash Studio, absolutely endorse European way of thinking Beauty:)


Face Haus

8377 W 3rd St

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(855) 550-4287



Pregnancy and Lash Extensions?

We say : Yes absolutely!

You can get you eyelashes done until your due date without having any concerns. There are nothing in the glue we use or the lashes that could be harmful to you or your baby.

During treatment, you can lay on the side with a pregnancy pillow. We recommend session of one hour maximum. It is not a medical advice and if you have any worries or questions, we advise you to get a note from your doctor.

Why getting your lashes while pregnant is actually a great idea?

Lash Extensions and Pregnancy
  • Sometimes during pregnancy, you happen to be exhausted and feel heavy and unattractive... well with your beautiful lashes on you will look fabulous until the due date:)
  • You will be ready for the first baby and mommy pictures! Without worrying too much about make-up..and that's priceless!

A Perfect Family Breakaway Destination!

Esme, her husband and their adorable 18 Months old baby boy Freddie love The Annenberg Community Beach House...and so do we!


A public destination, open to all, no membership required!

The Beach House is a unique community destination. With spectacular views, splash pad, playground, gallery, Marion Davies Guest House, beach courts & fields, community & cultural eventshistoric pool, free wi-fi, and more, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Beach House grounds (not including the pool) are open 8:30am to 6:30pm daily. The grounds include the playground, beach area, courtyard, view deck, and volleyball courts. 

POOL: The pool season opens May 23rd. Check out the full summer pool schedule.

Perfect for the kids to have fun and for the parents to relax! Special mention to the really good cafe on site!=)

What If you became a lash addict? (and You won't need Rehab;)

The first time, well you just wanted to try something new, like you try sometimes a new haircut or a new lipstick color… you didn’t know yet what troubles you were getting into!
You didn’t know that you were gonna starve it and become... a real addict!

lash addiction

There was this month when you couldn’t get your fix either because your lash stylist went on vacation or you were on short on budget or you went away...

And then you realized that you just didn’t want to get out of bed without them…

Then you realized that you wouldn’t accept to go out to the club with your friends without having some on…

Then you realized you couldn't accept that date with that cute guy you met the other night because something is missing in your eyes…

Then you put your brand new outfit on…and realized that something is definitely missing for this to be a Hot-Fit!

Then you realized you might look a bit older and tired without that mascara and smokey eyeshadow on...while you never thought this way about yourself before…when you had them on…

Yes. You are addicted. But let us tell you,  it’s a good thing=)


  • It doesn’t damage your natural lashes at all, contrary to some gel manicures, plucking your brows (if done like a maniac by yourself and not by a pro ^^ ) and straightening your hair everyday, etc… You know what we mean.
  • It makes you feel ready to go out all the time and so why not? Single, married or stay at home mom, whoever you are, you know we all love that feeling of looking "Red carpet-Ready" or “Selfie-Ready" at any moment.
  • It makes you feel refreshed or should I stay younger? Its gives us a time machine for at least 5 years (if not more) than our official ID…And lets be honest, its more budget friendly than Botox or any Filler and the result is much more natural =)
  • It gives us a break on our make-up budget…No more expensive Dior or Chanel mascara needed..Eyeshadow? eh, why not on the weekend but our glamorous eyes don’t need much more anymore on the every day basis
  • It makes you feel more confident and sexy and younger and healthy…so seriously…What else!?
beautiful lashes

Let us know your own experience about Eyelash Extensions addiction and how you deal with it! ( and the relapses!=)

And if you had sensitive eyes?

This happens rarely, but it can happen. Sometimes clients might have one session where their eyes water, or they get an itchy lash line after application. It's sensible for long term lash clients to keep some saline solution at home (you can get from CVS) and delicately wipe along the lash line with lint free micro fiber brushes (you can BUY from the Esme Winterflood Lash studio). You can do this once you get home and before bed.
If your eyes are suddenly watery during application, please ask for some air on your lashes- our little 'puffer' blows the fumes away and our new Nano- Mister spray helps the glue cure at a much faster rate so should prevent any irritation from the glue there after.

sensitive glue

The next type of reaction is when a client gets really puffy eye lids, this is a bit more serious and will need a steroid ointment that is prescribed by your Dr. This is a type of contact dermatitis that can happen randomly but doesn't mean you have to stop the luxury of having your lashes.  It seems that this topical ointment really does prevent any swelling and irritation. Yay!

Remember we always carry a sensitive glue for clients. This glues holding power is less strong than our Mega Glue, but prevents watery eyes and still does a good job.


We tried for you the Body Steamer!

Esme gets regularly her massages and facials at SPA Sophia on Abbot Kinney. Yesterday she tried the body steamer for the first time!  The Ayurveda specialist at the Spa, Miss Megan Darwin, uses it as part of her Detox Cleanse. Her website is awesome and gives a lot of valuable info: integrative-ayurveda.com

I loved it. It’s important to open the pores to start detoxing the whole body.
— Esme Winterflood

In one word, finally a great spot in L.A. that offers Ayurvedic Detox Program and treatments!

Megan Darwin @ Spa Sophia

1027 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice, CA 90291
(310) 564-6676

Body Steamer

Why Lash Extensions are the best Mother's Day Gift idea ever?

New mom or older one, they all deserved to be spoiled! They have been working hard for us all their life so our duty is to make them happy:) And what is better than making them feel better about themselves and their look ?

Here are the reasons why we think Eyelash Extension /Brow treatments are the best way to show them our appreciation:

Betty Boop
  • It make them feel and look younger! And it's what we all want them to feel...

  • It gives them the confidence they need to wake up every morning and be the strong working mum they are.

  • They can still amazed their man with their effortless pin-up look:) They are always date ready!

  • The first thing men look at women is their eyes...

  • They usually don't have time to put make up on every morning and Lashes are the best natural way to get the  "I woke up like this"  look. No more mascara or eyeshadow needed..No more hassle.

  • It's a good way for them to get some well- deserved "Me" time every month.

  • Who hasn't dreamed to look as Glamorous as Jessica Lange, actress, mum of 3, foster parent, model for Marc Jacobs at 66....:)

What to do if you can't get your lash extensions this month?

A Lash serum on trial

So imagine you are away for the Summer and don't want to trust anybody else than Esme and her team to treat your lashes (as you should;) or that you just can't afford the maintenance anymore for a few months? We tried for you The Lash Boosting Serum from L'Oreal, the cheapest one on the market with an overall good users 'reviews.


  •  Strengthen your lashes
  • Protect them
  • Make them look fuller
  • Cheap, you can restock easily 


  • You have to apply the serum religiously twice or more /day to see any results
  • The product is kind of gluey and you need to brush your lashes afterward to separate them
  • No dramatic grow in length noticed after a week

Verdict: Good for an everyday boost and make them healthier, good if your lashes have been fallen out or became shorter after years of extensions but definitely not a replacement for your traditional eyelash extensions!

If you want to try a good serum, we offer LashFood at the Salon =) Ask us for a sample!

The Do's and Don'ts of Lash Extensions

I 'm sure we all had bad experiences getting our brows or our eyelash extensions done... Especially in L.A. where a lot of people wants to break into the business without a great know-how or years of experience!   Esme has been doing lashes for over 10 years, selects carefully her products and make sure all of her clients are in good hands =)

I have heard so many stories of girlfriends going to get their lashes wherever, and ending up being extremely dissatisfied: waking up in the morning with glued lashes, their natural lashes becoming so weak and short, the synthetic lashes falling apart after a week... You name it!

Each week, we will give you some tips about the Do's and Don'ts of Eyelash Extensions as part of our Lash Education series =)

Week 1:


The Do's !

  • Check your eyelash artist's resume!  How many years in the business? Who trained her? Esme is a certified trainer from JB LASHES and she recommends them highly, as well as the company Xtreme Lashes.
  • You usually get what you pay for! Check the price list and if a full Set is offered under $100, you can be sure you won't be happy with the results...
  • Check the length of the treatment: if they promise you a full set in half-hour or less, high are the chances it will be clusters and not real one-by-one  (or 3-by-one with the 3-D technique!) last extensions.
  • Ask what kind of glue they use: regardless of the skills of your beauty artist, if she uses the wrong kind of products, your lashes wont look good and/or won't last! We will talk next week about the brands Esme recommends.
  • Ask your friends for their personal references! It is what for girlfriends are here for=)





The Don't s!



  • Rush to the inexperienced lady at your nail salon down the street!
  • Go to the Spa/ Steam room in the 24 hours following the treatment.
  • Damage your natural lashes with Cluster lashes.
  • Put your regular mascara on right after you full set has been applied. There is no need!
  • Don't pull them! Resist! Use the little soft brush Esme give you every other mornings to give them shape again.
  • Don't use oily make-up remover, even a creamy one or a regular wipe is not recommended. We highly recommend using Physiological Micellar Solution to clean your face and remove all of your make-up. We particularly recommend the one from La Roche-Posay. We also sell special make-up remover wipes at the Salon.


A Brit in L.A.!

So what do you do when you are home-sick and miss your home town aka London? Well you get your toes painted with the British Flag =) Thanks to the great nail arts at the new trendy House of Polish on La Cienega! They have a bunch of talented artists working there but watch out: they get super busy and take a very long time. ..Not your everyday mani-pedi :) Great spot for special occasions and nail arts!



House of Polish

161 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills

Getting WILD(E) on La Brea!

Our British friend just opened this fantastic Wine Bar and Restaurant called WILDE in the Hancock Park area!

The American/ European Fusion Food menu and the Wine Selections are as sophisticated and astonishing as the delicate interior's design of the place! Perfect for a date or an happy hour with friends with an Euro touch :)

WILDE Wine Bar and Restaurant

320 S La Brea Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90036

The overall feeling is like an evening at your sophisticated European friend’s place
— Urban Daddy

Welcome to our new Blog!

Here at The Esme Winterflood Lash Studio, we believe that you deserve the best natural look you can have and Esme and her team are committed to offer you the best treatments! In our Blog, we will talk about Lash Education but also we will give you Beauty tips, and we will talk about our experience as Europeans in L.A., from the best Beauty salons to the new British Pub in town =) Be ready for our next adventure!